The Program

You love sports, and you want your work to be seen by as many people as possible.

That’s where we come in.

On Campus Sports, a media partner with USA Today Digital Sports Properties, provides students with the opportunity to cover college sports for a national media company. Our relationship with multiple online sports publishers means exposure to potentially tens of millions of college sports enthusiasts as well as possible job opportunities for you in the future. In that regard, On Campus Sports could serve as your pipeline to a career in professional media.

We have openings for you to write, photograph and broadcast. We also offer a number of leadership positions for students with excellent editorial and managerial skills.


OCS staffs a team of student journalists at Division I universities nationwide. We call these Campus Sites. The Campus Managing Editor leads a Campus Site staff of Student Journalists, who produce content on a regular basis.

You and your staff cover men’s and women’s varsity athletics at your school and around your conference. You can also produce national stories (for example, pieces on major breaking news or events like the Final Four).

Here are the responsibilities for Campus Site team members:


The Campus Managing Editor (CME) position puts you in charge of your university’s Campus Site. This is a critically important leadership position. The primary task for a CME is to help recruit prospective Student Journalists to join your staff.

As a CME, you also:

  • collaborate with your campus team to plan immediate and long-term coverage.
  • help edit and publish stories for your Campus Site.
  • build and maintain a relationship with your school’s athletic department.


You should have a good understanding of AP style, along with a passion for covering sports and a strong work ethic.

Student Journalists will:

  • produce content based on your availability, whether that means a few articles a week, or an article every two weeks. Activities including writing opinion pieces, covering sporting events, and capturing photos/video. At OCS, we emphasize unique content that’s hard to find on other sports media sites.
  • participate in one short weekly planning meeting with your fellow OCS staff members.


Once you’re with us for awhile, and we see how terrific you are, you’ll have opportunities for even greater responsibility and leadership.


As a Conference Editor (CE), you are the managing editor of all Campus Sites in your particular conference. Your primary task as CE is to recruit Campus Managing Editors for your conference’s Campus Sites.

As a CE, you have proven managerial skills, along with a thorough understanding of AP Style and copyright laws. In this role, you also:

  • plan immediate and long-term coverage with your schools’ Campus Managing Editors.
  • review each conference school’s page daily to ensure full and fresh content.
  • edit major stories before they are published.
  • help Campus Managing Editors recruit prospective Student Journalists.
  • recommend students for promotions


We have a confession to make: we have separation issues. So, instead of you leaving us, which will result in us lying in a dark corner and sobbing gently, we’ll want you to stay.


Welcome to your full-time job! If you’ve reached the Managing Editor level, you’ve clearly succeeded at managing and evaluating people, and you also possess superior organizational skills and creativity with feature story ideas. In this role, you:

  • manage turnover of staff
  • evaluate writers and editors, helping to make the final decision on promotions to Conference Editor and Campus Managing Editor positions
  • consult weekly with Conference Editors on story ideas and personnel issues
  • assist with Executive Editor, CEO and CIO on presentation of content (site design; current features; new features)
  • compose weekly blogs on writing conventions / trends in sports journalism
  • help maintain OnCampusSports School of Communication
  • manage all editorial documents / systems




The Program

What is On Campus Sports?

We are “college sports covered by college students”: a growing team of students from universities nationwide that’s already the media’s largest staff of college student sports journalists. You will cover sports at your own school, around your conference, and across the country.

We believe college students know more about college sports than anybody else. We also believe students can produce insightful, creative content that rivals any other media entity.

On Campus Sports provides a platform for students to publish articles, capture photos and produce video content covering all college sports. Even more, we want students to have fun and be creative, so we encourage fresh, engaging content that you won’t see at other online media sports sites.

Who can contribute to OCS?

If you’re at the undergraduate or graduate level, you’re eligible to be a part of OCS. While we prefer journalism or mass communication students, that’s not a requirement. We also accept students who are preparing to enter their freshman year in college.

Let’s make this simple: are you talented, or are you willing to work so you’ll be talented? Then we want you.

How much would I be expected to contribute each week?

If you commit to joining OCS, we hope you will be a regular contributor. However, we know how things can change each week. Therefore, the level of commitment varies for each student. We have some students who average a few hours every two weeks, while others average 15 hours a week.

I’m horribly busy, and so I doubt I could contribute regularly. Could I still join and then contribute when I have the time?

We have low self esteem, so if you join but then we don’t hear from you often, we’ll get very self-conscious and think you don’t love us. Therefore, we hope you can contribute regularly. When that can’t happen, we just ask that you communicate with your Campus Managing Editor. If your inability to communicate becomes a trend, we’ll have to move on.

The Campus Managing Editor position sounds great, but intense. What’s the commitment for this position?

It’ll vary at each school, depending on the size of your team. Typically, our Campus Managing Editors commit to 10-20 hours per week. We listen, though: if you begin to feel overwhelmed, we get you help. For instance, if you’re a Campus Managing Editor and you have a team of five Student Journalists who are generating a lot of content, you can promote a couple of them to Assistant Editor positions. It’s a win-win: your Student Journalists gain leadership positions, and you get your life back.

What are the benefits of me joining OCS?

  • Expose your talent to an audience outside your own campus region. Your work can potentially be seen by millions of viewers. We’re already the nation’s largest collection of college student journalists, and we continue to grow.
  • Enjoy ongoing evaluation and feedback from professional editors.
  • Collaborate with student peers at universities across the NCAA.
  • Acquire media credentials to cover athletic events.
  • Gain real-world experience for a distinct advantage in the job market.
  • Achieve promotions: top writers can become paid editors.
  • Publish articles, pictures, videos, live blogs, studio broadcasts, podcasts and more! The sky’s the limit!
  • Earn college credit in our internship program.

Can my work with OCS lead to paid positions?

We hope so! While we can’t promise we’ll be able to pay you, we’re working toward establishing compensation plans for our student journalists. We also can share revenue from the photos/videos you create.

Is it possible for me to gain course credit as an OCS student journalist?

We’ve had a number of students gain course credit for their work with us. You’ll need to check with your school administrators to determine eligibility for course credit. We’re always happy to help with this process.

When can I start?

How about right now? We are always hiring great talent, so you can join the team as soon as you apply and are accepted into the program. Once you submit an application, please allow up to a week for a response from us.

How long is the term of commitment?

You mean term, as in “prison term”? This ain’t no prison! You can walk away at any time. Some students can commit for only a few weeks. Some see the leadership opportunities and plan to spend their entire undergraduate career with us. Your time with us is up to you.


How can I join the OCS team?

If you’re eligible, submit your application via the program’s online form. We are constantly reviewing applications.

What’s the best way for me to get accepted as a student journalist?

Be sure you have an updated resume, and also provide samples of your work when you apply.



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