Grambling State is captivatingly bad

Everyone knows this year’s men’s basketball season has been wildly unpredictable but there has been one guarantee throughout the season.

Grambling State will lose. By a lot.

Lead by senior Terry Rose and Bryant “Always Nervous” Purvis, the Tigers of Grambling State have lost all 27 of their games by an average of 27.4 points. The team never cracked 70 points in a game and only broke the 60-point mark three times. Their season high was 68 points in their game against Mississippi Valley State, a team that ranked 320th in points allowed, but GSU still lost 90-68.

There was that one time where they lost to Jackson State by only 11. It was also the game I bet my weekend lock on them to pick up their first win. They also almost beat Prairie View but lost by 10, their smallest margin of defeat this season. That was pretty cool.

Speaking of Prairie View, the only other team that has been worse was the school’s 1991-92 team, which went 0-28 and gave up an average of 106 points per game. They allowed over 100 points 16 times. But even that team scored an average of 64 points per game. Grambling’s defense wasn’t nearly as bad (this year’s team allows 77 PPG), but its offense is on a whole other level of incompetence, scoring just 49 PPG.

As I pointed out in the Weekend Locks article, the Tigers’ turnover ratio is astounding. Their starting guard, David Copeland and his team-leading 3.2 assists per game, has a turnover percent of 38, according to That means for every 100 possessions he has, he’ll turn it over 38 times. So 62-percent of the time, the point guard will be able to do something that isn’t giving away the ball.

Now consider the team’s combined field goal percentage of 36-percent. That means when Copeland is handling the ball, the team has a 22-percent chance of scoring that possession. Keep in mind that it’s a rather situational number, but it certainly gives you an idea of just how poorly the offense is run. A terrible batter in baseball has a better chance of getting on base.

Some other quick facts about the numbers this team is putting up:

  • Terry Rose averages 13.9 PPG. The second highest scorer who’s played in 20+ games is Demetrie Wheeler with 5 PPG. Yup, Grambling State’s second leading scorer is only good for two baskets and a free throw.
  • The Tigers’ free throw percentage is at 58-percent on the season. Shaquille O’Neal shot 52-percent from the line for his career.
  • Apparently nobody gets back on defense.
  • According to, Grambling ranks dead last in the three major categories, Pyth-percent (win percentage against average D-I opponents), Adjusted Offense, and Adjusted Defense. Last team to do that was Maryland Eastern Shore in 2005.

The Tigers still have one more chance on Wednesday, March 13, during the SWAC tournament, to post their first win of the season. It’s a team with no offense and one that’s incredibly lacking of any defense. It’s a team the Washington Generals could probably beat.

Mostly, it’s a team that earned the title of “Most Consistent” for the 2013 season for all the wrong reasons.


PJ Carr

Hey, yo. I'm PJ Carr from Troy, Michigan, and I am currently attending Central Michigan University as a junior. I am a big fan of all sports and the Detroit teams except the Red Wings. I also happen to like the Jacksonville Jaguars (sadly) and Los Angeles Kings. University of Michigan athletics are my favorite within collegiate sports but Central Michigan's teams are starting to become relevant so following them has become much more fun. Basketball is the sport I consider myself most knowledgeable in, though I do know a lot about each sport. My unrealistic dream is to own an NBA team. Maybe the Pistons since they need a lot of fixing up but just to be a GM would be good enough, too. So in the extreme off chance I have a pile of money sitting around, I would love to find my way into the front office. My more realistic goal is to either be involved in scouting basketball or being a sports journalist of sorts and this site is a wonderful place to start.

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